26 August 2008

Call For Entries Issue One

You are hereby invited to contribute to what we hope will be an ongoing project exploring memory and drawing.

We here at Memorable Foam (Memory Foam Magazine) want you to draw a Smurf (of your choice), Garfield, or both a Smurf and Garfield entirely from memory. We then want you to send us those drawings for publication in our upcoming debut issue and/or weblog component.

The deadline for receipt of these drawings is September 30th, 2008.

Here are the ways you can deliver your drawings:
1. You can scan it at 100% 300dpi Grayscale and email the result to: memorablefoam (the 'at' symbol) gmail.com. try to keep the file size under 2M if you can.

2. Send a postcard or envelope containing your drawings to: Nathaniel Russell, 5214 Boyd Ave, Oakland, California 94618

(please be sure to include your name, date of drawing, email, and mailing address)

Each contributor will receive proper artistic credit and a copy of the publication upon completion.

1. You have to draw a Smurf or Garfield. Once these requirements or met you may branch out into side characters, villains, or situations.

2.You can't look at any sort of Smurf or Garfield reference or likeness of any kind between reading this rule and drawing your contribution. We are using the honor system and there are no points for delivering the most accurate rendering of Smurfette ever witnessed.

3. All entries must be received by September 30th, 2008. If you send us actual drawings and want them returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. All other physical drawings will be filed in our Archives. They will not be sold, fondled, or mutilated in any way and will be saved for future generations.

4. By sending us these images, you are letting us either put it in our magazine, on our blog, or both.

5. If we receive your submission in a lo-res scan or photograph that is not suitable quality for print, we'll just put it on the blog.

6. If you are a Smurf or Garfield, or you invented them, you cannot sue us.

7. We reserve the right to edit or not include any drawing we deem in poor taste, offensive, or we just think is bad vibes.

Please begin. We will begin posting examples in the very near future.

1 comment:

D$ E said...

Rad! I can't wait until the draw Kris Kristofferson as a super hero contest comes around b/c I already have mine ready.